We’re always on
the lookout for
like-minded people.


We’re always on
the lookout for
like-minded people.

Our team shares our vision,
that’s how we adapt.

We have one of the most proactive teams in the industry. Our fixed-rate quoting system means no fruitless callouts or quote confusion. We take pride in the fact that our highly experienced and licensed service team are put to the test and inspired by their work.

to grow

Our team members are provided with ample opportunity to spread their wings and grow within our business. From education and training procedures to performance and loyalty based opportunities, Tenon is the perfect place to evolve.


At Tenon, we pride ourselves on creating a workplace culture deeply rooted in a sense of family. Our team is our backbone, and we prop each other up through our unique model and through the innovation of industry standards.

Work with
known brands

At Tenon, our employees get the opportunity to work with some of the largest corporate and retail brands on the market, providing Tenon’s multifaceted services to a clientele that needs effective solutions to large scale issues.


Understanding the importance of personal development is what makes our team the best in the business. A culture that thrives on the personal development of its employees is one always equipped to raise the bar. We innovate from the ground up.

Where talent, culture
and innovation meet.

We’re interested in anyone who is interested in what we do. We would love to hear about what you could bring to Tenon and how those ideas could continue to shape the repair industry.

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